Various career options in engineering

If you are inclined toward technology, finding a career in engineering can be an enticing option for you. One of the reasons is that this field offers a wide range of opportunities for the students. In this write-up, we will explore the various career options in engineering. We will cover the different courses, and best job options available with them to make it easy for the students to pick out the best option.

Civil Engineering:

The professionals of this particular field deal with various designing and development projects of public and private construction ventures. The individual is also responsible for managing and supervising the projects. There are range of projects come under this field such as bridge construction, road construction and drainage systems.

Individuals who want to make a shining career in this field need to pursue a four year degree course in civil engineering. The course generally covers the basic subjects like maths, physics and project management. The course is available in most of the colleges in India and you need higher secondary qualification to take the admission. Civil engineering pays very high wages and these engineers are always in demand for huge projects.

Electrical Engineer:

The person who completes electric engineering is responsible for designing electronic gadgets and devices. Therefore, the field is most suitable for those who have keen interest in electronic devices. The course covers all basic subjects of engineering along with advance learning of electronics. This filed too pays very high wages to the professionals and job hikes are also very high.

Industrial Engineering:

There are basically two types of industrial engineers. The first one is those who supervise individuals that conduct technical work. The second types of industrial engineers are those who are responsible for managing industrial and system engineering projects. The industrial engineering degree course is also not very different from the traditional engineering courses and it covers the same subjects. The only difference is that more focus is given to live industrial projects and project management.

Computer and IT Engineers:

Engineering has perhaps become the synonym of computer engineers because these courses are most popular these days. These professionals are responsible for developing various software programs for the hardware components. These professionals manage the software applications, web applications, desktop software, websites and many more. Software engineers are most popular these days and this field is full of opportunities. Various leading IT companies hire these professionals for very lucrative packages.

So if you are a technology enthusiast who want to pursue their career in computers, electronic gadgets or want to manage big public and private sector construction projects, engineering is the best option for you. There are hundreds of engineering colleges in Rajasthan that offer quality education to the engineering enthusiasts. You should choose the stream and course very carefully and should give great consideration to your skills and interest. All of these fields offer you very shining future and high packages. So give your career new wings by selecting a highly popular engineering course and reputed college.

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Three Mistakes Executive MBA Students Make

An executive MBA course differs from a standard MBA course in that it is specifically tailored towards professionals who are already firmly established in the world of business. The point of the degree is to take such professionals to the next level in their career by consolidating their existing skills and knowledge base and equipping them with new talents and ideas.

If you’re at that stage in life where you’re considering or already undertaking such a course, you’re probably already a senior and experienced professional; possibly a manager or a leader within your organisation. You might be doing the course in order to enhance your performance in your current position or simply to build upon or diversify your existing business knowledge. Your employer may even have suggested the idea of doing an EMBA to you.

For those of you looking for a completely new challenge away from your current role, you may be considering doing an EMBA in order to prepare for an executive career change or job search. This not only enhances your resume, but gets you up to speed on what is required of executives in today’s labour market.

Whatever the reason, when we first embark on an executive MBA, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we know it all because of the years of wisdom and experience behind us. However, no matter how long we’ve been in the world of work, there are still several pitfalls to avoid when starting a new adventure such as this. Here are a few of the most common mistakes made by new executive MBA students.

  1. Failing to research the best business schools: Not all EMBAs are equal, because not all business schools are equal. Even if you want to go back to the college or university where you did your first couple of degrees or where your children and grandchildren are studying, don’t blindly apply without first checking out the details of its EMBA. Look at the relevant page on the website, call up one of the lecturers or tutors attached to the course to discuss it and ask EMBA alumni within your company about the place where they did their degree. There are many reputed MBA colleges in Jaipur that provide this degree.
  2. Thinking ‘part-time’ means they can take a casual approach: The majority of executive MBAs are part-time. This is not because the course is easy or doesn’t require commitment. It’s so you can fit serious and valuable studying and learning around your day job. However flexible your course is, don’t forget that you have to not only put in the minimum hours, but also maximum effort in order to reap the benefits.
  3. Concentrating on one module/discipline/topic: Regardless of the reason why you’re doing the course, you should take the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills around as many different subjects and issues as possible. To narrowly focus only on what you know or what initially interests you is to deny yourself the chance to become more rounded as a business professional and enhance your executive career.

By avoiding these pitfalls, you’ll get the most out of your degree and will be able to go forward in your career with confidence, regardless of whether you’re aiming to enhance your performance in your current job or to embark upon an executive career change or job search.

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How to select a computer engineering college?

Computer engineering is a field of study that has entirely revolutionized the way people used to opt their career option. This stream is so popular that there are thousands of engineering colleges across the country, providing innumerable different courses. But having too many options is not always beneficial, it sometimes may create a big confusion as well when it comes to select the best one amongst them. Same is the case with selecting a computer engineering college which is one of the biggest concerns for most of the youth these days. Even a small wrong decision may close many doors of opportunities for you, while selecting a good and reputed college may ease your path finding.

Before you head to select any college for computer engineering, there is something else to know and it is about the courses offered. You can pursue your computer engineering degree in various streams including electronic engineering, computer science, information technology, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, robotics and many more. This means you have innumerable options to pick from, depending upon your choice. You must give a good preference to your interest as well as career options in each of these streams to ensure you pick the one which is most suitable for you.

After selecting the course to pursue, now it comes to select the right computer engineering college. Making a comprehensive research and seeking advice of expert is a great tool to end-up your search at right option. There are a number of ways by which you can find the best computer engineering college for you. Either you can go online and look for the different engineering colleges located in your city or can visit the college personally. The second option is better, but it should be carried out once you shortlist some colleges. You can also ask your friends or natives about the reputation of a particular college, finding the ex-students of that college will be even more beneficial.

Here are few tips of finding the right computer engineering college for you:

  1. Decide on your priorities first and then look for the college if it meets your interest and priorities.
  2. Make a list of all the factors involved such as costs, reputation, and quality of education offered.
  3. Read the prospectus of the college very carefully to learn if it offers what you are looking for.
  4. Shortlist some of the colleges and gather all the required information about them. You should also visit the college in person to get more information about their infrastructure, teaching quality and other aspects.

Following these simple steps will surely ease your search of best computer engineering college. Never forget one thing, a college will going to put the biggest impact at the time of getting a job. You should also learn about the placement history of the college. If the college has offered good number of placements, chances are there you will also get a desired job. Quality education, good atmosphere and a secure future, this is all you need and this all can be ensured if you enrol in a reputed computer engineering college.

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Getting admission in engineering college

If you have just passed 10+2 and are willing to make your career in engineering, you may have to undergo a tough process in order to get admission in a reputed college. Getting the degree of engineering is not sufficient for a bright future; more important is getting the degree from a college which is recognized for quality education. As it is case with engineering, the practical knowledge is more important than securing high marks. So even if you are in a college where you may get higher marks but less practical knowledge, your engineering venture is incomplete and you will not be entertained well by big organizations.

Thus it takes a lot of hard work to get admission in a good engineering college. It is more troublesome who are not aware about the path to go, how to apply and which form to fill. India is a country globally recognized for its vast array of educational opportunities. So it is required that you understand which college may help you in becoming a successful engineer. Alongside, you must also be informed about your dreams and passion, which is required to choose the course.

If you are planning to pursue your engineering from a college of Rajasthan, you have certainly touched the goldmine. This state is well acknowledged for its quality engineering colleges. In order to get admission in an engineering college of Rajasthan, the best way is to appear in the entrance examination known as Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test (RPET). The exam is conducted on the month of May or June and getting good marks or ranking in this exam is the guarantee that you will get in a good engineering college.

Some of the well known NITs take placements through a different entrance examination known as All India Engineering Entrance Examination or AIEEE. Through this examination, you get placed in country level engineering colleges, govt. engineering colleges as well as in private colleges. RPET is though more common for the students willing to get admission in private engineering colleges. So if you are planning to get admission in some reputed college, you must score a good ranking in any of these examinations as well as will have to score a minimum of 50% marks in 10+2 as Math and Physics as compulsory subjects.

One other thing that you will have to keep in mind after clearing RPET or AIEEE exam is to fill your college priority very carefully. The colleges are assigned as per the priorities given by the students. Keep the best colleges at the top of the list because if you get good ranking in these examinations, chances are much that you will find one of these colleges. You may also get in touch with a good counselor to get suggestions. All in whole, getting admission in a good college is the first step to the journey of a successful career in engineering, and you will have to give more than best to make it sure you find a college that fulfills all your dreams.

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Counselling after RPET and AIEEE

For all those who want to make their career in engineering and are preparing to get admission in a college in Rajasthan, RPET or Rajasthan Pre-Engineering Test is not less than a fair. Thousands of future engineers prepare hard, and give their best to get higher ranking. This is due to the reason that higher ranking is the guarantee of a good college, and eventually a good college is the guarantee of a good job and better success. Thus getting higher marks in this entrance test is very crucial, but there is something more crucial than that, and it is the counselling and selecting a reputed college.

Similar to RPET, which is organized for the admission in colleges within Rajasthan, there is another examination known as AIEEE, or All India Engineering Entrance Examination. This exam is conducted nationwide for the admission in colleges located across the country. Both the examinations are pretty similar to each other, including the motive of examination and the level of paper. The only difference is; RPET is conducted on Rajasthan level, while AIEEE is organized on national level. Both the exams are generally conducted in May, and results are declared by first or second week of June.

So the results of RPET and AIEEE for this year are out, and now it is the time to search the best college for you. The college allotment entirely depends upon the preference you entre while filling the form. If you are someone with good ranking, there should not be any issue in getting your desired college. But if you could not manage to score good, chances are still there that you get a great college. You will need to participate in counselling in that case. Fill up your choices carefully and consult to en expert before filling your choices and you will get the college you have desired.

Counselling is the most crucial part of getting admission in engineering colleges. Keep one thing in mind, there are hundreds of colleges located in Rajasthan and thousands are there in India. But to ensure a great career, it is a must that you select a reputed college only. Getting admission in a good college will not only ensure good education for you, but most of the companies while hiring the candidates give more priority to those colleges that are well reputed. Thus you get good marks, good reputation and eventually a good job; and all it takes is being careful at the time of counselling.

So be prepared with your destination and fill up your choices very carefully. I would highly recommend you here to go for an expert’s advice, because they can suggest you something that you are not familiar with. Get comprehensive information about various colleges before selecting them in your form. Give high priority to those colleges that are known for their quality education and high placements. Eventually, a successful career is your final ambition and it can only be achieved if you are aware at the time of counselling.

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Career options in various fields

Selecting a career is one of the tough decisions every student has to take in his life. Availability of thousands of options gives the students the opportunity to pursue his desired course but it also creates the problem when it comes to select the most rewarding one. Selecting a career depends upon many factors, such as the choice of student along with the future scope in it. So here is an in depth review of all the possible options you may consider while selecting a career for you:

An art is for artists:
If you are an artist mind, or have keen interest in history, pursuing arts is a good option for you. This stream offers a vast range of career options for you. In order to pursue your career in arts, you will have to take art subjects in 11th standard. The subjects may vary as per your choice. The most popular amongst all arts subjects are Hindi, English, Sanskrit, History, Geography, and Music. The best career option in arts is becoming a specialist language teacher and it is one of the most rewarding careers. After 10+2, you get the option of pursuing Bachelor of Arts and then Masters of Arts.

Commerce is for Monitory:
If you love solving monitory issues, or are interested in accounts, commerce is the best field to go. Some of the highest paid professionals are from commerce field. Commerce is also very popular because this field is required in all companies, regardless of their core niche. If you are commerce students, you have to pursue Bachelor of Commerce as graduation. After graduation, you can either pursue Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary. These streams are very difficult to pursue but pays very high compensation if you clear. Masters of Commerce is another option you may consider.

Science is for technical brains:
Science has turned out to be the most popular stream in last few years. Most of the students concerned about their bright future are heading toward science. The reason is, it is the stream that gives wings to the career as well as to the imaginations of students. If you are a science student, you can either go with Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) or Bachelor of Engineering (BE) for graduation. After that you may apply for admission for mtech. You can also be a doctor by pursuing science from medicine line. All of these streams are guarantee of successful career and science students are considered most eligible for every hiring.

If you have already completed your 10+2, you will surely be equitant of the career options you have. But if you are entering into 10+2, you must make the course selection very carefully. Give your interest a very high priority but never under estimate the importance of future scope in respective courses. After selecting the course, it comes to select the institute which also plays very crucial role in defining your career scope. Choose the institute very carefully and make sure the institute has good academic and placement records to ensure you don’t miss any edge.

What are best B Tech Colleges in India

Since long time India is considered as a good place for Education. In ancient India there were famous educational institutes like Nalanda, Taxila etc where students used to come from other countries for study. And that is the reason why India is known as Father of Civilization in world. In modern era professional educational institutes took place of these ancient educational institutes. But still India has a large number of good professional institutes or colleges where you can chose any of your desired course, diploma etc.

M Tech, B Tech, MBA etc are the main courses which are mostly considered as professional courses. For these courses, there are various B Tech Colleges in India. If you are going to choose B tech as your career option then you should keep a few things in your mind about this course. Very First, you should assess your area of interest and choose a specific branch of engineering like mechanical, electrical, electronics, IT etc. Next to this, now you have to look for B Tech Colleges in India in order to choose best one for you. For this you can review previous year’s performance of popular colleges in India. After finalizing your area of interests and college you need to follow the admission process for that college which may be either through a Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) or through college specific entrance exam. Today most colleges have an arrangement for online entrance exam in which you have no need to come to a different place from your home. You can take exam even from your home. After that if you will be selected for the course only then you need to go there and complete the remaining formalities for admission.

There are approx 1000 B Tech Colleges in India, out of which approx 50+ colleges show their international presence. Main cities in India where famous colleges are established are New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Bombay, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Calcutta, Chennai, Khadagpur, Shilong etc. Also these colleges have a wide range of courses including various specifications. Popular branches of engineering in these colleges are Mechanical, Civil, Automobile, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Chemical etc. After successful completion of course from these reputed college students are likely to receive a very good package offer from any of the big company. In this way the college that you are going to choose plays an important role in deciding the direction of your career. Off course choosing an institute, that offers nice placement opportunities, can be a great decision of your life. After completing your B Tech, if you still want to keep your study continues then you can go for M Tech instead of doing a job in MNC.

So now if you are thinking about finding a suitable college for you then just go online and search B Tech Colleges in India. You will get top colleges in search results, analyze these results and select best one. Also different-different colleges are famous for different specifications so you should be a little bit careful about this.

List of Best MBA Colleges in India

India is filled with MBA colleges, given that there are thousands of colleges in this country providing Masters in Business Administration degree. But only few of them can be considered to be the best. The parameter of excellence can be the level of education, faculty, and many more. But placement is the factor which puts greatest impact on the level of a college. These colleges are counted amongst the best because they have produced some of the highly skilled & successful MBA professionals.

This article is about the best MBA colleges in India, offering MBA courses to those students willing to get quality education and flourishing career.

1. Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – one of the most reputed institute, inside and outside India are Indian Institute of Management. There are total 6 IIMs in India, located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kozhikode and Lucknow. These institutes have their own admission process. In order to get admission in IIM, one has to score very high ranking in the Common Admission Test (CAT). After that, you must perform excellent in personal interview and group discussion.

2- Indian School of Business (Hyderabad) – ISB Hyderabad is counted as one of Best MBA Colleges in India. Established in the year 1999, the university belongs to a group of Fortune 500. In annual MBA 2009 rankings done By Financial Times, ISB is listed at #15 amongst top 100 global business schools. The college invites faculties from various leading institutes across the globe, which includes London business school, Wharton, Stanford and other good schools.

3- Jamnalal Bajaj institute of Management Studies (Mumbai) – JBMS was founded in 1965 by the University of Mumbai. It is third oldest Management College in India. The major objective of JBMS is to pioneer and further the Management Education in India. It is included amongst Top 25 Business Schools in Asia-Pacific region. Throughout its existence, the college has shown remarkable and dynamic growth.

4- Xavier Labour Research Institute (Jamshedpur) – XLRI which is widely known as Xavier Labour Research Institute is located in the city of Jamshedpur. The institute was founded in year 1949. Today, it is one of the leading Management Colleges in country providing best quality education to students aiming at a successful career in business management. The institute offers wide range of courses along with Master in Business Management degree.

5- SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (Mumbai) – SP Jain Institute of Management & Research is one of the best MBA Colleges in India. The college was established in year 1981. It is continuously rated amongst Top 10 B-Schools in India. The college provides full circle of courses related to industrial and business needs.

Admission into the Top MBA Colleges Is Possible Through Entrance Exams

Management education in India has undergone a sea change in the recent years and it has affected across populations. Students from different streams and educational backgrounds are gearing up for studying managements in the best MBA colleges in India. The dream for thousands of students every year is transformed into reality by the appearances in the entrance exams that are conducted. These entrance exams are conducted by various institutes and universities for admissions into the business schools. Students who have passed their graduation degrees from any college with a 50% pass or those who are about to appear in the degree exams are eligible to compete for the MBA rankings 2011 and according to it get college admission in the premier MBA colleges. The prospect of getting admitted to the management colleges is so exciting and challenging that students prepare for the entrance exams from a much early date. As soon as the eligibility to appear in the entrance exams near, the students are seriously and deeply into the preparatory phase. They attend coaching classes, try solving the problems in the same patterns as would probably come in the exams, solve mock papers and practise the questions, to help themselves secure good ranks. There is so much of competition nowadays in the MBA college admission that it would not be possible to secure a seat in the top MBA colleges without a rank in the top. Students realize this fact and therefore try to study hard and get through the entrance exams. A very unique aspect is many a times taken advantage of by the students who are interested in taking admissions in the business schools. There are a number of entrance exams that are conducted every year by various institutes. MAT, ATMA, CET, etc are MBA entrance exams that are conducted by organizations for admissions to B schools all over the country. The entrance exams of CAT and XAT are held once in a year at specific times for admissions to a few colleges like the IIMs and Xavier Institutes, respectively. Some colleges also allow students to apply for the management courses in their institutes based on the scores in these exams. These are known as the associate colleges. Topping these exams conducted for a number of colleges, there are also exams which are held for intake of students to specific colleges. NMAT, SNAP, etc are exams that allow students to gain admissions into specific institutes like the Narsee Monjee, Symbiosis Institute, respectively. Again, there are exams conducted for MBA institutes in individual states and these are known by the name of Common entrance tests. There are so many options for the students to get an admission in the management colleges that there is no need of despair if one entrance is not successful. There are again exams conducted online for the students such as GMAT and GRE which helps students in their endeavor to study abroad. Such a wide range of options and the plenty of chances that students get to find admissions in the top MBA colleges, gives them more reasons to attempt the entrances and thereby ensure a career path that is progressive.

Placements in MBA colleges in India

best mba colleges in india, mba college in jaipur, mba colleges in jaipurThe main motive behind pursuing any degree is getting a dream job, and thus people spend huge sums to get admission in best MBA colleges in India. There are many factors that affect the decision making of the students while selecting any college but placement remains at the top. It is thus required that you make comprehensive analysis and research about the placement history of any particular institute before enrolling. A good college is characterized by its placement history and it puts a great impact on the popularity and reputation of any college.

MBA is a degree which is not field specific and these professionals are required in all sectors. Be it technical, human resource, finance, management, or any other field, MBA degree is a must. This describes the importance of MBA because the MBA professionals are considered the backbone of every organization, regardless of its size and sector.

Still, having proficiency in a particular field is a desired criterion for every company hiring the MBA professionals. A candidate needs to have a specialized degree in a particular field because it gives additional value to his qualifications. There are many students who go with the infrastructure and reputation of an MBA college but eventually fail in getting a desired job. This is due to the reason the college does not have a good placement history.

One of the core benefits of getting admission in best MBA colleges in India is that these colleges offer in-house placement assistance. This is also termed as campus placement. There are great chances of getting a job if the college attracts the companies, because the competition is very limited here. The academic staff of the college takes care of entire placement procedure, making it easier for the students to clear the interviews and other placement process.

There are some colleges that have the MBA career placement services organize MBA job fairs and maintain active links with reputed business organizations. It is the best thing to seek because no other opportunity can be better than this. This gives the student leverage and also the B-School which offers such placement services become really sought-after. Students love studying in a college that organizes such fairs because the chance of getting a job is very high. Carrying out such fairs and maintaining liaison with organizations is a job of the in-house placement cells of the B-Schools.

The MBA placements for the last 2 years have not been doing too great due to bad market conditions. The volatile market conditions are to be blamed for this. However, recession seems to be making its way out now and organizations are again on a look out for people who suit the positions well. So pursue any MBA or PGDM, whether it is MBA in Marketing or MBA in HR from a top rated B- School and open up the corporate world for yourself. This is the best time to seek admission in the best MBA colleges in India and opening the path for a successful career.