Though a little traditional, Engineering is still one of the most popular and sort after course in India. The reason behind this widespread popularity is – the field has scope, promises good income and above has reputation. India is advancing in the direction of Science and Technology. The need for skilled labour is rising in our country as more and more people are required to operate the modern complex machines. The infrastructure is evolving, and the outdated products and public services need renovation. At such a crucial point, the one people who create our future are the Engineers!

The decision of taking up a course in Engineering is a wise choice, and you must always be aware of the reasons why you should be an Engineer!

  • A challenging and creative field
    Can you ever grow or learn in a job that has no challenges, risks and scope to test your creativity? It is not possible. Engineering is a field where every day you meet new challenges, undertake risky tasks and channelize your creativity in a positive manner. An engineer is always on toes and invents ways in which people can be benefitted- be it dams, roads, schools, hospitals or supply of electricity and water. Poornima College of Engineering is among the top Engineering Colleges in India where the students are given rigorous training that helps them in gaining an insight into the working of the industries. The work of an Engineer is the toughest as he is the one person who actually creates a project in reality that the other had put down on paper. There is always a chance that you might end up creating the tallest building in the world once you complete your course and gain some experience.
  • Universally applicable Skills
    The skills that one inculcates while pursuing an Engineering course give incredible results in the future. People always are in search of Engineers who can solve their practical problems. An engineer possesses skills that can provide a practical solution to complex problems as they are taught to take up challenges that come with their profession. Providing solutions is not the only skill that an Engineer has; they know how to complete a task efficiently and effectively; they analyse the financial and practical perspective of a project, and this develops their leadership skills. An engineer can apply these skills in any nature of job! You can understand it better through this example- The people who hold managerial positions or are CEO’s of reputed multinational companies are mostly from engineering backgrounds!
  • Rewarding and promising field
    The Engineering jobs are undoubtedly the best-paid jobs in the world. The skills of an Engineer help them in surviving in any part of the world. The demand for Engineers is universal as every country wants efficient people for their development. This has raised the salary bar of Engineers. Moreover, their job is full of responsibility. For experience and growth, Engineers attend conferences, travel overseas and inspect the works of fellow engineers which add variety to the routine in their life! The Technical Courses are also popular these days as they provide specialisation to a person in a specific industry.

What are best B Tech Colleges in India

Since long time India is considered as a good place for Education. In ancient India there were famous educational institutes like Nalanda, Taxila etc where students used to come from other countries for study. And that is the reason why India is known as Father of Civilization in world. In modern era professional educational institutes took place of these ancient educational institutes. But still India has a large number of good professional institutes or colleges where you can chose any of your desired course, diploma etc.

M Tech, B Tech, MBA etc are the main courses which are mostly considered as professional courses. For these courses, there are various B Tech Colleges in India. If you are going to choose B tech as your career option then you should keep a few things in your mind about this course. Very First, you should assess your area of interest and choose a specific branch of engineering like mechanical, electrical, electronics, IT etc. Next to this, now you have to look for B Tech Colleges in India in order to choose best one for you. For this you can review previous year’s performance of popular colleges in India. After finalizing your area of interests and college you need to follow the admission process for that college which may be either through a Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) or through college specific entrance exam. Today most colleges have an arrangement for online entrance exam in which you have no need to come to a different place from your home. You can take exam even from your home. After that if you will be selected for the course only then you need to go there and complete the remaining formalities for admission.

There are approx 1000 B Tech Colleges in India, out of which approx 50+ colleges show their international presence. Main cities in India where famous colleges are established are New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Bombay, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Calcutta, Chennai, Khadagpur, Shilong etc. Also these colleges have a wide range of courses including various specifications. Popular branches of engineering in these colleges are Mechanical, Civil, Automobile, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Chemical etc. After successful completion of course from these reputed college students are likely to receive a very good package offer from any of the big company. In this way the college that you are going to choose plays an important role in deciding the direction of your career. Off course choosing an institute, that offers nice placement opportunities, can be a great decision of your life. After completing your B Tech, if you still want to keep your study continues then you can go for M Tech instead of doing a job in MNC.

So now if you are thinking about finding a suitable college for you then just go online and search B Tech Colleges in India. You will get top colleges in search results, analyze these results and select best one. Also different-different colleges are famous for different specifications so you should be a little bit careful about this.