Why Electrical Engineering is an interesting discipline?

Engineering is a field that has many disciplines and sub-disciplines. However, it has been categorised into:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Each discipline gives the Engineering aspirant a taste of the level of creativity and knowledge that one must possess for excelling in the field. There are also sub-disciplines in engineering that offer specialised knowledge in one particular field. For example- Architectural Engineering is a sub-discipline of Civil Engineering! Fields have been categorised as Engineering is a broad field that requires in-depth study which one subject can never provide to the learner! Let us learn how Electrical Engineering is an exciting field of study!

What is Electrical Engineering?
This branch of engineering explores the world of electricity and electromagnetism. The work of an Electrical Engineer is to utilise the potential of electric charges for creating a safe and working energy source. Poornima College of Engineering is one of the best B.Tech Colleges in Jaipur where every year students enrol themselves in specialisations of their choice. PCE is students’ first choice in Rajasthan because of the high percentage of placement record that the College holds. Students opt for Electrical Engineering because Electricity has become an integral part of the modern world. It is today used in every area- for communication, business and even for entertainment. The field of Electrical Engineering is useful for small as well as large-scale requirements.

Students at PCE learn the practical applications of the principles of electricity which later on helps them in designing power grids, circuits of computer and software programs. One more interesting area is the generation of electricity and its distribution! When big projects are commenced, the amount of Electricity that is used in it can be quite dangerous at times. That is why safety norms are taught to the students that can help them in handling tough situations. Students at PCE as engineering theories are explained with practical applications. By the time students complete their four years of studying Electrical Engineering, they gain full knowledge of the advanced level of programming skills.

Electrical Engineering must be chosen by students who enjoy designing Electrical circuits and have an interest towards learning the working of these circuits. Although Electrical Engineers are involved in the designing of circuits, they should also possess a sound knowledge of the theoretical designs and calculations. Knowledge of computer systems and software programming is also necessary if you want to become an Electrical Engineer. After completing Electrical Engineering, a person can also commence a business wherein they can offer consultancy and designing services.

What are the industries in which Electrical Engineers can work?

  • Power Generation
  • Telecommunication Services
  • IT Sector
  • Software designing
  • Construction of Residential and Commercial Structures
  • Automobile Industry
  • Aeronautical Industry

5 Study tips to score in Engineering Exams

Engineering is one of the toughest courses that require a lot of discipline if you want a good score in the exams. Apart from hard work and strong concentration, there are some other study tips that can help you in preparing for the exams.

  • Make a daily study routine
    Most of the students commit a serious blunder by leaving some of the course syllabus for the last minute study. This can land you in serious trouble as you will end up cramming all the concepts. Always set a time table for studying the Engineering subjects. Plan everything in advance such as how many subjects are there, the chapters that you need to study, how much time each one of them will take. Organizing the routine study can help you in completing your syllabus as well as the revision well in time.
  • Organise the space where you study
    Never assemble clutter on the study table or the space where you study. All the notes, stationery and the books you need must be present where you study. Also, any sort of distraction must be far away so that you do not lose focus. The students at Poornima College of Engineering are taught the necessity of organized study for scoring a good score in Engineering. That is the main reason behind the popularity of PCE as one of the top 100 engineering colleges in India. It is the responsibility of the faculty to inculcate such discipline in their students.
  • Use diagrammatic representations
    Diagrammatic answers are always interesting. After you finish a topic, condense everything that you understood and try making down the diagrams of the chapter on your own. This can help you in learning the concepts better and also it gives you a chance to present your ideas in a direct and presentable manner. When you start your revision, these diagrams can help you in recalling the concepts easily.
  • Always go through previous years’ questions
    Most of the students at Poornima College of Engineering which is one of the best engineering colleges in India share their experience of going through the old practice papers and question papers that helped them in understanding the pattern of examination. The old papers give you a hint of the weightage of marks that each section in the question paper carries. Also, a student learns about the most frequently asked questions.

What are the options available after B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)?

Electrical Engineering is a branch that studies the technology that revolves around electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. All these fields are directed towards the designing, construction and maintenance of products as well as information systems. This discipline of Engineering is also related to the power transmission and motor control. There are a lot of options that you can go for, after completing Electrical Engineering. Read and find out what you can choose after pursuing this particular discipline of Engineering.

Find a job
There is always a flood of opportunities for people after completing Electrical Engineering. One must very wisely choose the industry in which they want to make an entrance. Even in Electrical Engineering, you can pick a sub-discipline of your choice. There are a lot of industries such as Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Microelectronics Engineering, Power Engineering, Software Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering that come under Electrical Engineering. Poornima College of Engineering is amongst the top B.Tech Colleges in Jaipur as the students get directly placed in reputed IT Companies through campus interviews which is in itself an example of how well the faculty imparts engineering education to the aspiring engineers.

Higher Studies
Once you complete your Electrical Engineering, you can always pursue higher studies if earning money is not the need of the hour for you. There are a lot of courses that one can opt for:

  • M.Tech
    If you plan on pursuing Masters in your field of specialisation, you can choose one option from – Power Electronics and Drives, Electrical Machines, Applied Electronics, Embedded Systems, Electrical Machines, VLSI Design, Remote sensing and Clinical Engineering. Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) is one of the best B.Tech Colleges in Rajasthan from where the students can even pursue M.Tech in their field of interest.
  • MBA
    MBA after B.Tech is also a good career option that today has become a favourite choice amongst engineering students. It makes a student eligible for managerial jobs in organisations. When one pursues MBA after B.Tech, their career prospects get improved.
  • MS
    If you want to pursue your Masters from abroad, M.S is the right option. After appearing for GRE (Graduate Record Examination), TOEFL (Test of English as foreign language) or IELTS (International Language Testing System), one can pursue M.S from abroad.
  • Always remember that the decision you take after pursuing B.tech must be made after careful analysis of every option available to you.

Best MBA Colleges in India

mba collegs in india, best mba colleges, best mba colleges in indiaTo excel in the field of business or Human Resources that require quite higher qualification, nothing less than studying MBA would be better. MBA itself is the acronym for Masters of Business Administration where a student is taught the art to manage the working in an organization effectively. The MBA program is designed to introduce students to various areas of business such as human resources, accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, information technology.

The best MBA colleges in India are offering students to learn about any two fields in MBA. They can select an area of concentration and focus approximately a quarter of their studies in this subject. Real life examples are given to students in order to relate them with their subject which in turn gets easy to understand the concepts. Students have to opt any two areas, one being called the MAJOR subject and the second being called the MINOR subject. Major subject is the one where the student is suppose to master that field completely and minor subject is the one where the student studies that area in brief. Best MBA colleges in India provide proper facilities and faculties to students. To get admission in the best MBA colleges in India, one must complete graduation with 60% or above aggregate and must also clear an entrance examination for the same as a part of the eligibility criteria. One can make out the best out of the MBA degree once completed. Depending on the time that can be devoted to MBA, there exist basic types of MBA programs:

1) Full-time MBA course: It is a 2-year course that requires regular college timing. It comprises of 4 semesters out of which 1 semester is used to give students a brief idea of all other areas so that from the 2nd semester, students finally select their major and minor areas. Projects are given for the same.
2) Accelerated MBA program: Involves higher course load with no summer vacations at a stretch.
3) Part-time MBA program: Usually for students who are working. So, these classes are scheduled normally in evenings after work hours.
4) Modular MBA program: Every semester lasts for 3-4 weeks in modules.
5) Executive MBA program: Developed to meet educational needs of managers and executives while working on full-time.
6) Distance learning MBA programs: Lectures are held off-campus. Classes can be offered in different formats like post, video conference, email etc.
7) Dual MBA programs: Lets students to cut costs and save time where students can earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as MBA in 4-5 years at a stretch.

Nowadays, MBA is the new trend in the official world. Maximum students fight competitions for a higher rank in order to get admission in the best MBA colleges in India.

Higher the rank of the best MBA College, higher the placement probability in the world’s best MNCs with higher packages. Companies target only the best colleges of MBA since they tend to assume that the best of ideas from students can come up and benefit them.

Admission in M. Tech. College

Student Contributions (3)M. Tech is one of the most popular and flourishing career these days. Find the various courses and job opportunities offered with M. Tech.

Percentage of technically educated people in a country is a direct representation of development status of that country in this technical era. To stay alive in competition in this running era of technology it is very important to maintain technical education level of that country. Talking further about this mode of education there are many good institutes in our country which are playing a vital role in development of technical education. B. tech. and M. tech. are the main courses which are being offered by these institutes in various branches of science like information technology, computer science etc. M. Tech, a master’s degree in technology has its own importance and recognition and can be a key to get a good job in any MNC or any higher public sector department. But it can be possible only if you would have chosen a good institute.

So if you are going to take admission in M. Tech. College then you have to be careful with choosing your place of study. You can choose a college on the basis of parameters like level of effective education in that institute, placement history of institute, status among institutes of technical education and certainly its affiliation and approval is authorized or not. A good institute knows by very well how to maintain the level of technical education and thus emphasize on the quality of education. Having a master’s degree in technical field like M. Tech. certainly provides you a better career opportunity. This course is available almost in all branches of technical education. Besides IT and CS you have many other options for pursuing M. Tech. like Nano technology, food tech, digital electronics, electronics and comm., electrical etc. After choosing a right college next thing is your specialization in which you wish to study. It is always good to choose a subject that you have studied earlier in your graduation degree because you would have a sound knowledge in that stream. But if you wish to change your stream of study then you can also switch for another branch.

If you are already in your career building stage but still interested in pursuing M. Tech and worried due to your time availability then no needs to get worried. There are certain institutes which provide facility for correspondent M. Tech. or evening shift college. After taking admission in M. Tech. College you can make a bit adjustment in your busy schedule accordingly. An M. Tech. holder is capable in getting placed in any multi-national company that is a great boom in career. If someone is starting his or her career with an MNC then it is certainly mind blowing.

Now if you are looking for a good institute for the same course then internet is enough for you. Just search a little bit over web about institutes, fee & branch availability by visiting their websites. Also you can hear about their reviews from placed students. Such reviews can be really helpful especially when you are looking for admission in M. Tech. College.

Job opportunities in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering, engineering institute in jaipurWhile many people may have a preconceived notion about electrical engineering jobs and what they entail, most do not realize that electrical engineering jobs encompass more than jobs dealing with electricity. Electrical engineering is a wide field that involves many different disciplines, and there are a variety of electrical engineering jobs in a variety of different fields. Electrical engineers usually deal with electricity as energy, and they have electrical engineering jobs in fields that harness the energy and develop ways to adequately use electricity for various needs.

The variety of electrical engineering jobs include working with cellular phones, the development of electrical systems in vehicles, wiring the electrical systems in buildings, and working to keep large scale power systems working effectively. Some electrical engineering jobs may even include working on intricate control systems for fighter jets, commercial airplanes, and even space shuttles.

Usually, electrical engineering jobs require that engineers work with electrical systems on quite a large scale, but one branch, electronic engineering, deals with the electrical systems on a very small scale. Usually, these types of electrical engineering jobs require dealing with small integrated circuits and computer systems. Whether an electrical engineer deals with small electrical systems or large electrical systems, there are a variety of electrical engineering jobs available.

Although there are already many electrical engineers around the world, there are a variety of electrical engineering jobs that are open and need to be filled. Becoming an electrical engineer takes a great deal of education, dedication, and hard work. So there are not enough electrical engineers to fill all the electrical engineering jobs that are available. If you are looking for a great career opportunity, you may want to think about becoming an electrical engineer. The pay for electrical engineering jobs is excellent, with most electrical engineers earning more than $50,000 each year, and some making much more than that.

If you want to become an electrical engineer so you can help to fill the open electrical engineering jobs that are available, you will need to attend college and get a degree in engineering. Both science and mathematics will be very important to becoming an engineer, so it is important that your grades are excellent in both disciplines. While there are many electrical engineering jobs available, the field is also highly competitive, so you will need to make sure you have excellent grades while you are studying to become an electrical engineer. Employers want engineers that are dedicated, smart, and innovative so they can take their knowledge and apply it to their job.

Whether you are interested in electrical engineering jobs working with battleships or fighter jets, or you are interested in jobs that deal with cellular phones and computer systems, there are many jobs that are available. Getting an electrical engineering degree can open up a host of electrical engineering jobs that you can choose from, if you work hard and excel as a student. Getting your degree as an electrical engineer is only the beginning of where you can go in the field of electrical engineering.

The Importance of RMAT Exam For MBA Admission

for PU Website 2013 (34)Most of the students will get confused when they complete their graduation studies. Most of them will not have a plan about the future courses, which they have to complete. However, this article is basically designed to give you some important knowledge about the top MBA institute Noida and the importance of cracking RMAT or other Management Aptitude Tests for getting admissions in the top colleges.

Even though most of the students are aware of RMAT exam, there are few candidates who do not know the importance of writing these exams. If you are one among them, this is the right time for you to gain some knowledge about it. RMAT, which is also known as the Rajasthan Management Aptitude Test, is basically a state level entrance test. These tests are conducted by University of Rajasthan for the management courses. Most of the top colleges in Rajasthan that provide admission for the MBA students look for the marks scored in RMAT as well as CAT exams. Most of the top management institute located in Rajasthan provides quality education with highly experienced teaching staffs. This is one of the main reasons why thousands of individuals take RMAT exam each year.

Know More About The Pattern of The Exam:

If you are planning to write a RMAT, you should know about the four different sections, which are known as Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Reasoning, English, and GK/GA/BA. RMAT exam also contains time duration with multiple-choice questions. However, the exam is for two and half hours. These exams are not as easy as you think, because for each wrong answer you make, there will be a negative marking.

Eligibility Criteria for RMAT:

If you have bachelor’s degree with a minimum of fifty percent marks, you are eligible to appear for the RMAT exam. In case, if a person belongs to the Schedule tribe (ST) or Schedule caste (SC) category, he or she can appear for the exams even with forty five percent marks.

How to get prepared for the RMAT exam:

If you are planning to get prepared for the RMAT exam, there are few aspects that you have to consider. Before, appearing fro this exam, it is very important to know the ninth to twelfth concepts of the NCERT books. However, you do not have to worry, as you will be able to find all type of books required to prepare for these exams. These books will help you to cover the portions of your exams.

There are also many tuition centers as well as classes, that provide coaching for the students who are getting prepared for the CAT or MAT exams. Therefore, if you are planning to do MBA, it is quite imperative to consider the above-mentioned tips in your mind. You can also take the assistance of the websites, which are proving information on Part time MBA and Executive MBA.


Career After Graduation

Jaipur Colleges for Engg, Jaipur Engineering Colleges, MBA colleges in JaipurEngineering is one of the most popular and flourishing career these days. Find the various courses and job opportunities offered with engineering.

There are countless career opportunities you could find after the completion of graduation. It is the minimum requirement that most of the companies and colleges ask for before you get into them. Mere regular degree of graduation does not guarantee you attractive job offers in the market. Today a large number of multi-national companies have come up in the market and these companies prefer to recruit individuals who have some extra qualification besides the degree of graduation. Before you choose a career for yourself you must know where does your personal interest lie? Your professional life is dependent upon the career you choose after graduation therefore, make a rational decision before you opt for a career also keeping your interest and capabilities in mind.

There are abundance of career opportunities such as – Engineering, travel and tourism, Management studies, IT courses, sales and marketing, just to name a few.

If you have a keen interest in the government jobs then you may appear in the entrance exam of various public sectors such as- Railways, Post offices, Government banks, Civil Services examinations and Defense. Career in government jobs promises a steady growth and job security. However, for the enthusiastic youngsters who want quick growth, promotions, exposure, attractive salary package and pay hike private sector is absolutely a right match for them.

Here are some most demanding career options available after graduation with us:


Engineering is for those who find a technical persona in themselves. This field is not restricted to a particular branch or segment, but you can make your career in a number of sectors. Software engineering and hardware engineering both are exceptionally good for the students. The salary packages in this field are also very lucrative and you can easily get a job in any reputed organization.


Teaching is another option that you could think about after your graduation. To become a teacher in government or private institute, B. Ed degree is compulsory. Earlier the remuneration of government teachers was not very appreciable but with the increase of private school there has been a good increment in the salary packages of Government teachers as well. Besides teaching in government and private schools, you could also start your own coaching institute and teach students.

Mass communication and Journalism

If you have a keen interest in raising your voice and spreading awareness in the society then Journalism is just apt for you. Mass communication has a vast field; you could become a journalist, anchor, Radio Jockey, News-reader, columnist in media houses and print media. There are enough job opportunities in mass communication for the deserving candidates in terms of promotion and rewards.

Social work

If your interest lies in the welfare of the people and society then you may think about a career in NGO. These non- government organization are indulged in various social works and you can become a part of their organization by enrolling in the course. You could also find many international NGOs in the market which offer attractive salary packages to candidates.


To go for management studies like MBA is an intelligent decision after graduation. MBA degree from a recognized University opens job offers in various fields such as finance, HR, sales and marketing, and international business. Today, market has large numbers of reputed companies which look out for MBA candidates from well known institutes of India and abroad. The salary package of an MBA is may begin from 25 k to 1 Lakh depending upon his/her institute and qualifications.


If you want to do your post graduation in Technical work, going for the best Jaipur Engineering Colleges is the perfect option for you. Or enroll yourself in one of the best MBA College in Jaipur and give your career new wings.