Three Mistakes Executive MBA Students Make

An executive MBA course differs from a standard MBA course in that it is specifically tailored towards professionals who are already firmly established in the world of business. The point of the degree is to take such professionals to the next level in their career by consolidating their existing skills and knowledge base and equipping them with new talents and ideas.

If you’re at that stage in life where you’re considering or already undertaking such a course, you’re probably already a senior and experienced professional; possibly a manager or a leader within your organisation. You might be doing the course in order to enhance your performance in your current position or simply to build upon or diversify your existing business knowledge. Your employer may even have suggested the idea of doing an EMBA to you.

For those of you looking for a completely new challenge away from your current role, you may be considering doing an EMBA in order to prepare for an executive career change or job search. This not only enhances your resume, but gets you up to speed on what is required of executives in today’s labour market.

Whatever the reason, when we first embark on an executive MBA, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we know it all because of the years of wisdom and experience behind us. However, no matter how long we’ve been in the world of work, there are still several pitfalls to avoid when starting a new adventure such as this. Here are a few of the most common mistakes made by new executive MBA students.

  1. Failing to research the best business schools: Not all EMBAs are equal, because not all business schools are equal. Even if you want to go back to the college or university where you did your first couple of degrees or where your children and grandchildren are studying, don’t blindly apply without first checking out the details of its EMBA. Look at the relevant page on the website, call up one of the lecturers or tutors attached to the course to discuss it and ask EMBA alumni within your company about the place where they did their degree. There are many reputed MBA colleges in Jaipur that provide this degree.
  2. Thinking ‘part-time’ means they can take a casual approach: The majority of executive MBAs are part-time. This is not because the course is easy or doesn’t require commitment. It’s so you can fit serious and valuable studying and learning around your day job. However flexible your course is, don’t forget that you have to not only put in the minimum hours, but also maximum effort in order to reap the benefits.
  3. Concentrating on one module/discipline/topic: Regardless of the reason why you’re doing the course, you should take the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills around as many different subjects and issues as possible. To narrowly focus only on what you know or what initially interests you is to deny yourself the chance to become more rounded as a business professional and enhance your executive career.

By avoiding these pitfalls, you’ll get the most out of your degree and will be able to go forward in your career with confidence, regardless of whether you’re aiming to enhance your performance in your current job or to embark upon an executive career change or job search.

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Admission into the Top MBA Colleges Is Possible Through Entrance Exams

Management education in India has undergone a sea change in the recent years and it has affected across populations. Students from different streams and educational backgrounds are gearing up for studying managements in the best MBA colleges in India. The dream for thousands of students every year is transformed into reality by the appearances in the entrance exams that are conducted. These entrance exams are conducted by various institutes and universities for admissions into the business schools. Students who have passed their graduation degrees from any college with a 50% pass or those who are about to appear in the degree exams are eligible to compete for the MBA rankings 2011 and according to it get college admission in the premier MBA colleges. The prospect of getting admitted to the management colleges is so exciting and challenging that students prepare for the entrance exams from a much early date. As soon as the eligibility to appear in the entrance exams near, the students are seriously and deeply into the preparatory phase. They attend coaching classes, try solving the problems in the same patterns as would probably come in the exams, solve mock papers and practise the questions, to help themselves secure good ranks. There is so much of competition nowadays in the MBA college admission that it would not be possible to secure a seat in the top MBA colleges without a rank in the top. Students realize this fact and therefore try to study hard and get through the entrance exams. A very unique aspect is many a times taken advantage of by the students who are interested in taking admissions in the business schools. There are a number of entrance exams that are conducted every year by various institutes. MAT, ATMA, CET, etc are MBA entrance exams that are conducted by organizations for admissions to B schools all over the country. The entrance exams of CAT and XAT are held once in a year at specific times for admissions to a few colleges like the IIMs and Xavier Institutes, respectively. Some colleges also allow students to apply for the management courses in their institutes based on the scores in these exams. These are known as the associate colleges. Topping these exams conducted for a number of colleges, there are also exams which are held for intake of students to specific colleges. NMAT, SNAP, etc are exams that allow students to gain admissions into specific institutes like the Narsee Monjee, Symbiosis Institute, respectively. Again, there are exams conducted for MBA institutes in individual states and these are known by the name of Common entrance tests. There are so many options for the students to get an admission in the management colleges that there is no need of despair if one entrance is not successful. There are again exams conducted online for the students such as GMAT and GRE which helps students in their endeavor to study abroad. Such a wide range of options and the plenty of chances that students get to find admissions in the top MBA colleges, gives them more reasons to attempt the entrances and thereby ensure a career path that is progressive.

Placements in MBA colleges in India

best mba colleges in india, mba college in jaipur, mba colleges in jaipurThe main motive behind pursuing any degree is getting a dream job, and thus people spend huge sums to get admission in best MBA colleges in India. There are many factors that affect the decision making of the students while selecting any college but placement remains at the top. It is thus required that you make comprehensive analysis and research about the placement history of any particular institute before enrolling. A good college is characterized by its placement history and it puts a great impact on the popularity and reputation of any college.

MBA is a degree which is not field specific and these professionals are required in all sectors. Be it technical, human resource, finance, management, or any other field, MBA degree is a must. This describes the importance of MBA because the MBA professionals are considered the backbone of every organization, regardless of its size and sector.

Still, having proficiency in a particular field is a desired criterion for every company hiring the MBA professionals. A candidate needs to have a specialized degree in a particular field because it gives additional value to his qualifications. There are many students who go with the infrastructure and reputation of an MBA college but eventually fail in getting a desired job. This is due to the reason the college does not have a good placement history.

One of the core benefits of getting admission in best MBA colleges in India is that these colleges offer in-house placement assistance. This is also termed as campus placement. There are great chances of getting a job if the college attracts the companies, because the competition is very limited here. The academic staff of the college takes care of entire placement procedure, making it easier for the students to clear the interviews and other placement process.

There are some colleges that have the MBA career placement services organize MBA job fairs and maintain active links with reputed business organizations. It is the best thing to seek because no other opportunity can be better than this. This gives the student leverage and also the B-School which offers such placement services become really sought-after. Students love studying in a college that organizes such fairs because the chance of getting a job is very high. Carrying out such fairs and maintaining liaison with organizations is a job of the in-house placement cells of the B-Schools.

The MBA placements for the last 2 years have not been doing too great due to bad market conditions. The volatile market conditions are to be blamed for this. However, recession seems to be making its way out now and organizations are again on a look out for people who suit the positions well. So pursue any MBA or PGDM, whether it is MBA in Marketing or MBA in HR from a top rated B- School and open up the corporate world for yourself. This is the best time to seek admission in the best MBA colleges in India and opening the path for a successful career.

Best MBA colleges in India

best mba colleges in india, mba colleges in india, mba college in indiaAny student’s expectations of an MBA college depend on their level of analyzing of what comprises good education for them. Individual values and priorities apart, all students want good teachers, comfortable environment, friendly space and value for money education. And lastly, a good job in a reputed company. For this, students are ready to work hard day and night. A random student says that extreme pressure is welcome as it helps students deal with any situation where workload is more immense. But in this case they want best MBA colleges in India to respond and reciprocate equally well.

As the cost of management education shoots up, expectation levels too are rising. The astronomical Rs. one crore plus salary offers also do their bit to raise the bar. Only a handful of students are offered such a package which is not appreciated. The ‘over promise-under deliver’ paradigm which most of the best MBA colleges in India follow does not help at all. Students have become very intelligent now due to which competition has increased widely. It is good faculty that makes an institute; the rest is all extra. It is high time best MBA colleges in India realize the same. Choose the right MBA College. It would make all the difference. The rankings have been segregated on the basis of the ownership of the best MBA colleges in India.

Out of the 113 best MBA colleges in India, 22, which are in the public sector have been presented separately and the remaining 91 private sector colleges are listed subsequently. Students can choose a relevant college on the basis of these rankings. Regional rankings have also been done for the ease of selection for students. But the good colleges are invariably missed out at times due to non-participation as well as absence of data. Due to this, students are misled throughout their academic session and in the end turn out to join self-proclaimed best colleges over the country.

Knowing the best MBA colleges in India helps you make an informed choice. Choosing MBA might just be the initial step of your career but next step comes to selection of the best college which is a crucial one. Placement success rate is considered along with tuition fee and faculty reputation among-st the college. To enter the best college, students are supposed to undergo entrance tests/exams. Few of the nationwide approved tests are CAT, RMAT, MAT, and XAT which are the abbreviations for Common Aptitude Test, Rajasthan Management Aptitude Test, Management Aptitude Test and Xavier’s Aptitude Test. Clearing one of these exams with a higher rank gives admission in the best college.

Exams are based on the zones, states, districts and all India. And institutes giving coaching for such exams are T.I.M.E, P.T which is open all over India for the maximum number of students. Classes for mathematics, aptitude and English are given accordingly. Every week, for evaluating students, tests are conducted so that based on results; students can improve themselves in respective subjects.

Best MBA Colleges in India

mba collegs in india, best mba colleges, best mba colleges in indiaTo excel in the field of business or Human Resources that require quite higher qualification, nothing less than studying MBA would be better. MBA itself is the acronym for Masters of Business Administration where a student is taught the art to manage the working in an organization effectively. The MBA program is designed to introduce students to various areas of business such as human resources, accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, information technology.

The best MBA colleges in India are offering students to learn about any two fields in MBA. They can select an area of concentration and focus approximately a quarter of their studies in this subject. Real life examples are given to students in order to relate them with their subject which in turn gets easy to understand the concepts. Students have to opt any two areas, one being called the MAJOR subject and the second being called the MINOR subject. Major subject is the one where the student is suppose to master that field completely and minor subject is the one where the student studies that area in brief. Best MBA colleges in India provide proper facilities and faculties to students. To get admission in the best MBA colleges in India, one must complete graduation with 60% or above aggregate and must also clear an entrance examination for the same as a part of the eligibility criteria. One can make out the best out of the MBA degree once completed. Depending on the time that can be devoted to MBA, there exist basic types of MBA programs:

1) Full-time MBA course: It is a 2-year course that requires regular college timing. It comprises of 4 semesters out of which 1 semester is used to give students a brief idea of all other areas so that from the 2nd semester, students finally select their major and minor areas. Projects are given for the same.
2) Accelerated MBA program: Involves higher course load with no summer vacations at a stretch.
3) Part-time MBA program: Usually for students who are working. So, these classes are scheduled normally in evenings after work hours.
4) Modular MBA program: Every semester lasts for 3-4 weeks in modules.
5) Executive MBA program: Developed to meet educational needs of managers and executives while working on full-time.
6) Distance learning MBA programs: Lectures are held off-campus. Classes can be offered in different formats like post, video conference, email etc.
7) Dual MBA programs: Lets students to cut costs and save time where students can earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as MBA in 4-5 years at a stretch.

Nowadays, MBA is the new trend in the official world. Maximum students fight competitions for a higher rank in order to get admission in the best MBA colleges in India.

Higher the rank of the best MBA College, higher the placement probability in the world’s best MNCs with higher packages. Companies target only the best colleges of MBA since they tend to assume that the best of ideas from students can come up and benefit them.

MBA in Jaipur – Read before you start

MBA college in Jaipur, MBA colleges in JaipurJaipur is emerging as one of the most renowned educational cities in the state of Rajasthan. Just a few years back, Kota was the first choice for all the students looking for a prestigious institution. The trend is still the same, keeping the fact in mind there are many professional courses that need preliminary coaching. But what’s after that? Just take a simple example of engineering. Students visit Kota to prepare for the entrance examinations such as RPET and AIEEE. But once the exams are done, Jaipur becomes their first choice to pick a college.

The capital city of Rajasthan offers all-round development for the educational atmosphere. There are more than 70 engineering colleges located in Jaipur; all of them are well regarded by the companies seeking for the flourishing talent of the industry. Same is the case with other professional courses such as M. Tech or MBA. There are more than 30 MBA colleges located in Jaipur.

Many students, seeking admission in a reputed MBA college are yet not aware of the admission process. August and September are the months when most of the colleges announce their admissions. The sooner you start the process, the better the chances you have of finding a reputed college. Before learning about the admission process in MBA colleges in Jaipur, it is suggested you make yourself equitated about the benefits and career scopes in MBA.

Masters in Business Administration, commonly referred to as MBA, is perhaps the best course available in India to prepare managers of the future. Once you are done with the degree, you have a large horizon of opportunities open for you. You can go into a range of private sector as well as public sector banks as a manger. Alternatively, you can join a reputed organization as a manager.

Now let’s move on to the admission process of MBA colleges in Jaipur. Colleges have a limited number of seats for the MBA students. As a general figure, there are around 180 to 300 seats for MBA. The admissions are taken through entrance examinations. It’s RMAT (Rajasthan Management Aptitude Test), particularly for admission into colleges in Rajasthan. Other than that, there is CAT (Common Aptitude Test) which is organized at the country level. As long as seat allotment goes, around 85% of the seats are allotted to the students from these entrance examinations. Around 15% seats remain reserved with the college and they are allotted as per the government regulations.

Before applying to any of the MBA college, it is suggested that the students learn about the admission procedure very carefully. Choosing a good college is somewhere a guarantee of success in your career. So if you have enrolled with a good college, chances are more that you get placed in your dream company.

The Importance of an MBA Degree

MBA colleges in jaipur, MBA schools in jaipurMBA is one of the most popular and flourishing career these days. Find the various courses and job opportunities offered with MBA.

Day by day the importance of an MBA degree is increasing. All the multinational companies and other organizations ask for an MBA degree when it comes to a promotion. Employees who do not possess this degree lag behind and their colleagues who possess this degree grow in their career. Therefore, many working professionals who are desirous of a good growth in their career enroll themselves in a distance learning MBA. Such programs are Corresponding MBA degrees offered by many Universities in an online medium. Such e learning has made life much easier as anyone can access the program, attend the virtual classes and complete the course within the flexibility of time and place.

There are many working professionals who do not get time to go to traditional MBA College and attend classes regularly. There are also many others like business men or housewives who want to earn an MBA degree but as they are pre occupied with other assignments they do not get time to join in an MBA college. This is when correspondence MBA degree is the only way that one can think of. This medium of education does not put an effect on the continuity of your job or any other business. However, the fact remains that if you are a student you have to be dedicated enough to attend the classes, complete the assignments, prepare for exams and complete the course successfully.

In distance learning MBA, everything is provided online. Students can access the course on an easy internet based interface which they can do by logging in with a user name and a password provided by the institutions that offer such online corresponding MBA. All the subjects are designed in such a way that the student can easily understand and gain knowledge. Professors of the concerned subjects are brought in for live classes. Students can even ask questions during the class in an online chat.

As the demand for an MBA degree is increasing, more and more Universities are offering different distance learning MBA programs. These programs are as useful as of a traditional degree college. Though a student may not get the class room teaching, it is usually compensated with virtual classes where in video conferencing or recorded lectures are provided to the students. These lectures can be easily accessed as the students are intimated about the live classes beforehand. The timings are kept flexible so that distance learning MBA can be easily completed by the working professionals and others who do not have time to attend regular business school.

The mode of such distance learning MBA has been quite a long time from now. However, the face of it has changed as everything has been based on e learning. With a basic knowledge of computers anybody can easily earn the degree. Students have to take care and find out if the program is accredited and once they choose a right university that offers correspondence MBA, they can enroll in it and get the benefits of this degree.

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The Importance of RMAT Exam For MBA Admission

for PU Website 2013 (34)Most of the students will get confused when they complete their graduation studies. Most of them will not have a plan about the future courses, which they have to complete. However, this article is basically designed to give you some important knowledge about the top MBA institute Noida and the importance of cracking RMAT or other Management Aptitude Tests for getting admissions in the top colleges.

Even though most of the students are aware of RMAT exam, there are few candidates who do not know the importance of writing these exams. If you are one among them, this is the right time for you to gain some knowledge about it. RMAT, which is also known as the Rajasthan Management Aptitude Test, is basically a state level entrance test. These tests are conducted by University of Rajasthan for the management courses. Most of the top colleges in Rajasthan that provide admission for the MBA students look for the marks scored in RMAT as well as CAT exams. Most of the top management institute located in Rajasthan provides quality education with highly experienced teaching staffs. This is one of the main reasons why thousands of individuals take RMAT exam each year.

Know More About The Pattern of The Exam:

If you are planning to write a RMAT, you should know about the four different sections, which are known as Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Reasoning, English, and GK/GA/BA. RMAT exam also contains time duration with multiple-choice questions. However, the exam is for two and half hours. These exams are not as easy as you think, because for each wrong answer you make, there will be a negative marking.

Eligibility Criteria for RMAT:

If you have bachelor’s degree with a minimum of fifty percent marks, you are eligible to appear for the RMAT exam. In case, if a person belongs to the Schedule tribe (ST) or Schedule caste (SC) category, he or she can appear for the exams even with forty five percent marks.

How to get prepared for the RMAT exam:

If you are planning to get prepared for the RMAT exam, there are few aspects that you have to consider. Before, appearing fro this exam, it is very important to know the ninth to twelfth concepts of the NCERT books. However, you do not have to worry, as you will be able to find all type of books required to prepare for these exams. These books will help you to cover the portions of your exams.

There are also many tuition centers as well as classes, that provide coaching for the students who are getting prepared for the CAT or MAT exams. Therefore, if you are planning to do MBA, it is quite imperative to consider the above-mentioned tips in your mind. You can also take the assistance of the websites, which are proving information on Part time MBA and Executive MBA.


The Rising Popularity of MBA colleges in Jaipur


MBA Schools in Jaipur, MBA colleges in JaipurMBA is one of the most popular and flourishing career these days. Find the various courses and job opportunities offered with MBA.

There was a time when most of the students in Jaipur were interested to pursue their careers in either engineering or medicine. But gradually, the focus has shifted to Business Administration. And in keeping with the times, MBA colleges have grown in large numbers. MBA colleges in Jaipur have gained international repute and are in no way inferior to the famous business schools of the world.

Since the day India threw open its doors to foreign investors, there has been a flood of business deals in India. This has automatically led to a demand for MBA students to attend to the various jobs in these business houses. The lure of money is enough to entice most students to pursue MBA as a career. Needless to say, the birth of many MBA colleges in Jaipur is a direct repercussion of this. MBA colleges have kept up with the demand for educated business professionals. Every year, scores of MBA professionals are ready to be drawn into the variety of jobs that are there in the business houses.

Students in India vie among themselves to acquire a seat in the top-ranked MBA colleges. There is no dearth of talent in the vast population of India. And gradually, there is no dearth of MBA schools in India to absorb the huge demand. Many have achieved the reputation that any college will be proud of. Amongst them are the IIMs and the MBA colleges of the Xavier group. Many other private colleges have also made it to the top ranks. The BMA is proud to be one of them.

All the MBA colleges in Jaipur are basically involved in two spheres: one, to absorb students who seek a business qualification, and the other, to make available these students to different companies who seek them. When students enter MBA schools in Jaipur, they are almost assured that they will get a good job when they graduate from the institution. Hence, placements play a critical role in determining the success or failure of MBA colleges.

But with the passage of time, both the spheres have become more demanding. Students have supreme confidence in their capabilities and have their own list of preferences of MBA schools in Jaipur. In the same way, business houses are in search of people who can satisfy a variety of requirements and who can serve them in the best possible way. All this has led to the development of new branches in MBA and also tough demands on the graduates of different MBA colleges.

MBA colleges which can draw the best students stand to gain a lot in reputation. Similarly, students will be drawn to colleges which provide the best jobs and good remuneration. This brings out the very essence of business: to succeed in the midst of stiff competition. MBA schools in Jaipur are focusing on the latest techniques to attract the students. Innovation is the keyword to make MBA colleges the most sought after in India.

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