Why you should pursue Mechanical Engineering?

Engineering is in the present era the most rewarding and lucrative career. The opportunities that are available nationally as well as internationally in the field makes it the most favourite 4-year course amongst students! The field allows the students to make good use of their mind in finding creative solutions to the practical problems of the society. Engineering develops logical thinking in the students and equips them with knowledge that benefits them financially and socially. The skills that one learns while pursuing the course help them not only in their Engineering job but also in handling other life-related problems. For example- The problem-solving skill that one learns in Engineering can assist them in finding a job, planning a family vacation or in writing a book!

What is Mechanical Engineering?
Mechanical Engineering is a discipline that focuses on improving and modifying the components of machines and the systems. Poornima College of Engineering (PCE) is one of the top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan where students are taught the working of machines in an engaging manner. Regular industrial trips further help the students in learning the practical applications. In Mechanical Engineering it is necessary to understand the application of Maths and physics principles that apply to the field! The faculty lays particular stress on explaining the fundamentals of the subject that deal with the dynamic motion of heat, machines and fluids.

Mechanical Engineer Vs Motor Mechanic?
Sometimes people confuse the work of Mechanical Engineers with that of Motor Mechanics. The two jobs are way apart from each other. While a Motor Mechanic’s daily job is concerned with the repair, maintenance and assembling of motor parts, a Mechanical Engineer is involved in designing and calculation of complex machinery on a regular basis. Even if instead of Engineering, a student wants to gain specialisation in a particular field, then the good news is that Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology is the best RTU College in Rajasthan that offers technical courses.

Tasks of a Mechanical Engineer?

  • Mechanical Engineers use computer software for design and simulation.
  • They assist Engineers of other specialisations such as they supervise the vibrations of a bridge that is made by a Civil Engineer.
  • Mechanical Engineers sometimes work freelance and offer consultancy.
  • Mechanical Engineers can work in the following industries-
    • Motor Companies
    • Mining Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Defence forces
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Industries involved in Manufacturing and Processing
    • Building and Construction of structures

List of Best MBA Colleges in India

India is filled with MBA colleges, given that there are thousands of colleges in this country providing Masters in Business Administration degree. But only few of them can be considered to be the best. The parameter of excellence can be the level of education, faculty, and many more. But placement is the factor which puts greatest impact on the level of a college. These colleges are counted amongst the best because they have produced some of the highly skilled & successful MBA professionals.

This article is about the best MBA colleges in India, offering MBA courses to those students willing to get quality education and flourishing career.

1. Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – one of the most reputed institute, inside and outside India are Indian Institute of Management. There are total 6 IIMs in India, located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kozhikode and Lucknow. These institutes have their own admission process. In order to get admission in IIM, one has to score very high ranking in the Common Admission Test (CAT). After that, you must perform excellent in personal interview and group discussion.

2- Indian School of Business (Hyderabad) – ISB Hyderabad is counted as one of Best MBA Colleges in India. Established in the year 1999, the university belongs to a group of Fortune 500. In annual MBA 2009 rankings done By Financial Times, ISB is listed at #15 amongst top 100 global business schools. The college invites faculties from various leading institutes across the globe, which includes London business school, Wharton, Stanford and other good schools.

3- Jamnalal Bajaj institute of Management Studies (Mumbai) – JBMS was founded in 1965 by the University of Mumbai. It is third oldest Management College in India. The major objective of JBMS is to pioneer and further the Management Education in India. It is included amongst Top 25 Business Schools in Asia-Pacific region. Throughout its existence, the college has shown remarkable and dynamic growth.

4- Xavier Labour Research Institute (Jamshedpur) – XLRI which is widely known as Xavier Labour Research Institute is located in the city of Jamshedpur. The institute was founded in year 1949. Today, it is one of the leading Management Colleges in country providing best quality education to students aiming at a successful career in business management. The institute offers wide range of courses along with Master in Business Management degree.

5- SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (Mumbai) – SP Jain Institute of Management & Research is one of the best MBA Colleges in India. The college was established in year 1981. It is continuously rated amongst Top 10 B-Schools in India. The college provides full circle of courses related to industrial and business needs.

Top Engineering & Management Colleges In Jaipur 2012

Welcome to Top Engineering & Management Colleges in Jaipur 2012 Section. Ranking list of Top Engineering & Management Institutes in Jaipur or Top Engineering & Business colleges in Jaipur or list of Best Engineering & Management Institutions in Jaipur or Top Business Schools & Engineering colleges rankings in Jaipur for 2012 or or Best B Schools and Business colleges for MBA in Marketing, Hr, Finance is done on the merit of the placement records, their teaching style, how well they cater to the needs of the industry. To get admission in these top institutes in Jaipur one has to appear in the entrance exams like MAT, CAT, RMAT, RPET, AIEEE. Some of the best institutes in Jaipur also conduct their own entrance Exam for the selection. The fee structure also varies from one institute to another. These top institute of Engineering and Management have high standards and as a result ensure high quality output.

These colleges are not just about theoretical study centres of Engineering or Management, rather they give the students an experience of lifetime with extra-curricular activities and various practical exposures to the working of Industry & corporate world. This makes the environment of the college vibrant & filled with energy.

Jaipur, which was famous all over the country as one of the best tourist destination, has now secured its place as one of the best upcoming techno-education hub of the country. With some of the best colleges of Engineering & Management, Jaipur heads the charts of top engineering & Management education destination in India. They are capable of providing education matching the standards of some the best colleges in the country. With eminent faculty members and world class technical facilities these colleges of Engineering & Management assure excellent results and output.

Achieve your dream with the top Engineering University & Colleges in Jaipur

Engineering is one of the most chased carrier oriented courses among the students and to make this successful there are some of the best engineering University & colleges in Jaipur that gives the best placement for the students. Each year approximately 15 lacks of graduates complete their course from different organizations and fulfill their carrier dreams. The objective of best engineering college in Jaipur is to provide competent and committed teachers by imparting well organized education and professional skills. These teachers can then efficiently take the responsibility of developing the future of the students. The institutes in Jaipur is working on the mission to prepare teachers who can serve efficiently at all the levels of engineering education through inside and outside class activities in different situations.

Numerous top engineering universities and colleges in Rajasthan are located mainly in its capital town Jaipur. Poornima University is one the most trusted upcoming university in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan state. With the aim of becoming top engineering University in Jaipur having a highly disciplined education scheme which contributes to the overall growth of a student. To get admission in the top university or top engineering college in Jaipur one has to finish his/her 12th with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as main subjects as this is the essential parameter to get eligible for engineering course. The minimum percentage required getting admission in the top university or college in Jaipur is 50% in the 12th grade.

Poornima University in Jaipur & Poornima Group of Colleges being one of the top engineering organizations in Rajasthan provides an excellent state of art facilities like good canteens, libraries and playgrounds. For their students, staff & faculty members they have places to stay where they give accommodation facility that gives a comfortable living with peace. Poornima University being the best upcoming educational organization in Jaipur provides well planned curriculum & teaching pedagogy with Life and Professional skill classes, enhancing the personality of the student. The institute ensures to deliver a well organized & structured scheme of training to each of his student giving personal attention on every small and big area of concern.

At Poornima University, Industrial exposure & continuous personality development are the departments which are being made to give a student 360 degree exposures making him/her fit to face the corporate world with an ease to work there. Similarly, Environmental department and CSR department has been elevated as the areas for making the student to be a social person and have a concern towards life which is surrounding him collectively making him /her responsible person not only towards nation but also towards economy.

Poornima University provides undergraduate programs in Architecture, Engineering, Commerce, Arts & Science and Masters in Management & Engineering. Poornima Group has been in the education system from past 12 years, having 3 institutes which are among the top 10 engineering colleges in Rajasthan. It has been graded among the top engineering colleges in India running professional enhancement courses within the collaboration with the organizations like Infosys, IBM.

Jaipur is becoming the most preferred education destination for the students as the city provides the best infrastructure, best teaching pedagogy, favorable conditions which are necessary for a good study environment. Students come here with a hope of getting good education & guidance and in return the city is able to fulfill student’s expectations which are helping them to achieve their dreams.

How valuable are those top Engineering & Management Institutes in jaipur.

With the rise of the city with not so illustrious business history as alternative business centres there is also rise of Technology & Management institutes in Jaipur. Top Engineering & Management schools in Jaipur are example of that.

The city is not known for its heavy business growth but more for the perfect mixing of education and business and so have provided a good platform for an education which also is related to business environment. The Top Engineering & Management colleges are the great example for its success. The sacrosanct admission test for recruiting students for Engineering and Management institutes in Jaipur is common and is also very competitively fought but apart from those internationally famous colleges, Jaipur has also come up with some top Engineering & Management Colleges. These Top Institutes are different in their functioning by either being an international college with foreign students and faculty or very Indian with their pro agriculture orientation. Some have international case studies to train their students and offer midterm apprenticeship in some of the leading companies in the country while others can ask for the students to visit farming co operatives to get more insight. What integrates them is the focus for academic excellence and decided and calculated pressure on the students to encourage innovative thinking. That is the key in management practiced in these top institutes & colleges in Jaipur.

There is no secret in the ranking of the Management & Engineering Institutes in the country. To find top Engineering & Management institute in Jaipur it is normal to go for the annual list of top Engineering & Management Institute in Jaipur and find the best colleges/Institutions for Engineering & Management in the city. There should also be the need to talk with the alumni of the institute to get better idea of the situation prevailing in those Management & Engineering Institutes. Their feedback is more important as the stamp only does not indicate an Engineering or Management Institute in the top list but their curriculum and activity does. Placement record of the previous years is also another sign but there it should be more seriously studied than the pay package with job responsibility and the specific industry. These two parameters indicate how valuable a candidate is to the country and these two can together very clearly describe the top Engineering & Management Institutes in Jaipur.