What are the options available after B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)?

Electrical Engineering is a branch that studies the technology that revolves around electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. All these fields are directed towards the designing, construction and maintenance of products as well as information systems. This discipline of Engineering is also related to the power transmission and motor control. There are a lot of options that you can go for, after completing Electrical Engineering. Read and find out what you can choose after pursuing this particular discipline of Engineering.

Find a job
There is always a flood of opportunities for people after completing Electrical Engineering. One must very wisely choose the industry in which they want to make an entrance. Even in Electrical Engineering, you can pick a sub-discipline of your choice. There are a lot of industries such as Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Microelectronics Engineering, Power Engineering, Software Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering that come under Electrical Engineering. Poornima College of Engineering is amongst the top B.Tech Colleges in Jaipur as the students get directly placed in reputed IT Companies through campus interviews which is in itself an example of how well the faculty imparts engineering education to the aspiring engineers.

Higher Studies
Once you complete your Electrical Engineering, you can always pursue higher studies if earning money is not the need of the hour for you. There are a lot of courses that one can opt for:

  • M.Tech
    If you plan on pursuing Masters in your field of specialisation, you can choose one option from – Power Electronics and Drives, Electrical Machines, Applied Electronics, Embedded Systems, Electrical Machines, VLSI Design, Remote sensing and Clinical Engineering. Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) is one of the best B.Tech Colleges in Rajasthan from where the students can even pursue M.Tech in their field of interest.
  • MBA
    MBA after B.Tech is also a good career option that today has become a favourite choice amongst engineering students. It makes a student eligible for managerial jobs in organisations. When one pursues MBA after B.Tech, their career prospects get improved.
  • MS
    If you want to pursue your Masters from abroad, M.S is the right option. After appearing for GRE (Graduate Record Examination), TOEFL (Test of English as foreign language) or IELTS (International Language Testing System), one can pursue M.S from abroad.
  • Always remember that the decision you take after pursuing B.tech must be made after careful analysis of every option available to you.