Why you should pursue Mechanical Engineering?

Engineering is in the present era the most rewarding and lucrative career. The opportunities that are available nationally as well as internationally in the field makes it the most favourite 4-year course amongst students! The field allows the students to make good use of their mind in finding creative solutions to the practical problems of the society. Engineering develops logical thinking in the students and equips them with knowledge that benefits them financially and socially. The skills that one learns while pursuing the course help them not only in their Engineering job but also in handling other life-related problems. For example- The problem-solving skill that one learns in Engineering can assist them in finding a job, planning a family vacation or in writing a book!

What is Mechanical Engineering?
Mechanical Engineering is a discipline that focuses on improving and modifying the components of machines and the systems. Poornima College of Engineering (PCE) is one of the top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan where students are taught the working of machines in an engaging manner. Regular industrial trips further help the students in learning the practical applications. In Mechanical Engineering it is necessary to understand the application of Maths and physics principles that apply to the field! The faculty lays particular stress on explaining the fundamentals of the subject that deal with the dynamic motion of heat, machines and fluids.

Mechanical Engineer Vs Motor Mechanic?
Sometimes people confuse the work of Mechanical Engineers with that of Motor Mechanics. The two jobs are way apart from each other. While a Motor Mechanic’s daily job is concerned with the repair, maintenance and assembling of motor parts, a Mechanical Engineer is involved in designing and calculation of complex machinery on a regular basis. Even if instead of Engineering, a student wants to gain specialisation in a particular field, then the good news is that Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology is the best RTU College in Rajasthan that offers technical courses.

Tasks of a Mechanical Engineer?

  • Mechanical Engineers use computer software for design and simulation.
  • They assist Engineers of other specialisations such as they supervise the vibrations of a bridge that is made by a Civil Engineer.
  • Mechanical Engineers sometimes work freelance and offer consultancy.
  • Mechanical Engineers can work in the following industries-
    • Motor Companies
    • Mining Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Defence forces
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Industries involved in Manufacturing and Processing
    • Building and Construction of structures

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